• 2 new pics from sketches
  • 2 new pics from silver (awesomes)
  • 2 new pics from aladdin
  • 2 new pics from the fox and the hound
  • 20 (!!!) new sketches from TARZAN !!!!<----thanks again to mohammad modarres !!!!!


Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Ha! I see you found my flickr account :-)

Really appreciate this resource, Raul! You can never get enough of Glen Keane drawings.

Tom said...

Not sure if this is the best place to post this question but here goes...

Can anyone tell me how much of Glen Keane's artwork is re-produced in the making of Aladdin book? Any info would be helpful, thanks!

eric said...

samir kyad is the one who 's sent all these models !!! so thank you samir khyad from paris !!!

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