Greetz Geert has post in his blog
a couple of model sheets of ariel (9) and aladdin (2)
you can have a look in the ARIEL post

THANKS A LOT TO Greetz Geert for the advise


Tor Hershman said...

You have extremely fine artwork/blog.

Stay on groovin’ safari,


javier suppa said...

hola glen.mi nombre es javier suppa soy de argentina y fan tuyo desde que vi tus cosas en tus trabajos en disney.
te cuento que tambien trabajo en animacion aca y realize varias peliculas y publicidades para argentina y el exterior.soy asistente de animacion y tambien soy historietista.
es un placer haber podido firmarte aca en tu blog.
te dejo mi direccion de blog para que puedas pasar.
saludos desde argentina aca hay muchisima gente que admira tu trabajo sobre todo los animadores

marco.merkelijn said...

I stopped by to see if got some more Aladdin artwork or Glen artwork in general. I'm excited to see rare modelsheets but I fell in love with Ariel all over again. So much expression and sincerity. Glen is the best hope to see something from him soon. It's been years a Disney movie had a character by his hand.

I've linked to your post and the source @ Streetrat. The post in question is being published the 17th.

Mirella said...

You're blog is very very interesting!! I love Glen's works!!
Very best congratulations!

Hey Bullblog said...

I'm great fan of Glen.He is a incredible artist and a master animator.Your work in Tarzan,my favorite,is unbelievable!!
Thanks for the blog and amazing posts.

MASSIMOasaro said...

grande, magnifico are the number 1, reference to my humble work.
Max from Sicily

Valentina said...

In the Hollywood animation archive there's profile of our Glen who has received a McCay Award. There's an Ariel animation drawing (from the Making of The Little Mermaid.

lady luck and d-nice paradise said...


Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

love it

Anonymous said...

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