Here are two caricatures of Glen Keane  by the animator JIM KIM
Nice drawings uh?  They really look "glenness"

thanks to valentina for the advise, as usual



Nervinfranti said...

Eheheh....we are all in love with Glen Keane.....

Mariana Moreno said...

Haha! These are great! By the way, I found this note about Mr. Keane:

"Disney has confirmed that Glen Keane, who has been serving as director
of Disney's upcoming animated feature, RAPUNZEL, has chosen to step down
from that role due to a personal, non-threatening health issue. He will
continue to be involved as the film's exec producer and directing

Does anyone know anything about this? Is Mr. Keane OK? How is he doing??

Nervinfranti said...

In this blog there's something more about it.

Th author says that maybe "Lasseter just didn't think Keane was cutting it as a director"
An Anonymous answers that "Glen has health concerns that he is not making public"

Juampa said...



Mariana Moreno said...

Thanks for the link nervinfranti! I really hope Mr. Keane can overcome his health issues. :'(

Anonymous said...

...anyone else thinking that this whole "mysterious health issue" seems like some kind of...I don't know...suspiscious activity?

Glen Keane stepping down from director's spot's kinda sad. I'd've loved to see him at the helm for this one. What matters' that he's still on board.


-J. "Conspiracy Wacko" Spumko

Nervinfranti said...

Well, Keane is still Executive Producer and Directing Animator of tha movie...

Josh Frost said...

So amazing! Your the most inspirational artist of my time! Thank you!

- Josh Frost

Edward Ernest said...

I love your style!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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