In this site, you can find TONS of DISNEY animators rough pencil test , OH MY GODDD!!!!

thanks a lot to ABRAHAM for the advise
and of course, thanks a lot to DANIEL CAYLOR for being the autor


Oliver Atton-Higgins said...

Why is is Glen Keane's drawings never fail to amaze me?
I love the little notes for the animators too... very insightful!
Thank you for sharing!

HECTOR said...

Me gustan muchos tus trabajos, sobretodo por la fuerza y el movimiento que desprenden.
Seguiré atento a tu blog.
Un saludo!!

Pagas said...

Your works are astonishing!!!


Daniel said...

Thanks for the links. :)

Michael said...

Mr. Raul Andres,

My name is Michael James, I'm trying to contact Mr. Glen Keane and haven’t been successful in doing so.

Is he currently being represented by someone, does he maintain an office or assistant at Disney still???

If you have any forwarding information or suggestions for a way I may contact him I would greatly appreciate your help.

Your Blog and Glen's art is Amazing! Thanks again!!!

Michael James

Michael Mercer said...

Whoa cool. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have always been a huge fan of Disney movies ever since i was a kid and a big part of that has always been thanks to the brilliant animators.

Glen, you are truly one of the best next to Andreas Deja and i love your work, all your drawings are amazing.

By the way Ratigan has always been one of my favorite villains.

Maria Yi said...

really amazing drawings! mind blowing!!

Anonymous said...

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