Adam Temple said...

I love how the guy looks as a drawing, so much better than in 3D.

Amir Al-Zubi said...

Hi, Check this out, Glen Keane has been involved in attraction ride at Disneyland:


Amir Al-Zubi

Tommy Virgiglio said...

hey super glen keane , j'adore tes dessins , tu est un model pour moi !

Kir said...

The backgrounds, the transition from 2D-3D everything looks awesome!!..love the little green lizzard side-kick.
Only thing I noticed was that rapunzel herself changed from the beginning (leaked movie in the blue dress), and I have to say I liked her there much much more.

Glenn is truly an Artist!

Dani California said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much.


I agree with you completely!

Max said...

I wait this film!
I hope it will be very cheerful, romantic, modern and dynamical.
Thanks! Beautiful figures!

Anonymous said...

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