Here in Parka Blogs you con see the review of THE ART OF RAPUNZEL !!!!


tiffannysketchbook said...

I already pre-ordered it!!! I love anything Glen Keane!

anako said...

Hello! First of all - your blog is AWESOME. The greatest place online to see Glen Keane's art for sure! Being inspired by his art me and my friend created an event about drawing Rapunzel on a swing. I'm writing here because I couldn't find any other way to contact you :< and I want to ask you - would that be possible for you to promote this event on your blog? Here's the official event blog: http://drawing-rapunzel.blogspot.com/ which has all the info and other links. We've already got about ten drawings, but there's still plenty of time left, so I'm sure many people would love to participate too! If you like this idea, we'd be grateful for some event promotion. If no, then please excuse me for spamming you ^^; Best regards!

Michael said...

I just received my copy. Great book and I'm doing a lot of studying. The material inside is very inspiring and there is a lot of information to learn from. Good stuff.

B.E. Kerian said...

"Tangled" was such an amazing and beautiful movie. It really is a rare CGI film that carries the essence and feel of hand-drawn animation. I can honestly think of no prior film that has had this kind of quality.

Unknown said...

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