christmas day!!!!!

I just received a package from paris with 200 (YES,200) rougth skeches of glen keane´s tarzan!!! huge sheets of profesional animators!!!!!!!!!!!! I must admit in this moment I am completely shocked!!!!!
they are the BEST body studies I never seen before!!!!
how is possible my mysterious friend has got all this blessed pictures???
Nobody has all this tons of never seen before documentation without a good reason
is he glen keane? mmmmmm, no way
did he work with glen keane in disney studios in paris?
did he know someone who worked with glen keane??
i dont know, but this pictures are totally new!!!!
so be patient, because I have to scan them!!!!!!!!

ok, that´s it.
in spite I had a lot of staff, I´ve put only glen´s work, so unfortunately there are "only" 60 pictures of tarzan.