thanks to Matt Jones!!


spiffy said...

sweet! i just started stalking this blog so already seeing a new piece makes me happy.

spiffy said...

oh hey, have you seen this?


shivanand khanore said...

o my god.....

Mahesh Ashok Sutar said...

god of line

Matt Jones said...

Search the Keane link on the pres-aid site, I think there's another drawing.

Mousse said...

Hi Raul
Is there any way to send you some drawings of Glen that you may want to put up? It's of the Beast transformation! Beautiful stuff:) We need to dig up more of Glens work!

Amir Al-Zubi said...


Hi Raul,
here is two from Art of Tangled I find on net:



Amir Al-Zubi

raul said...

have you got the pics in paper or jpg or similar?
if you have the pics in jpg you can send them to my adress

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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