there is a video of tarzan, the drawings are from glen keane (i think , glups)

and the is another one, but its not from glen keane, it is from another crack, ANDREAS DEJA,speaking about ollie johnston, but its so cool, i MUST put it in this blog

and there is another one of glen keane speaking about ollie johnston
thanks to Théo Boubounelle for the advise


Théo Boubounelle said...

Thanks for sharing all this stuff!

The second video you posted features andreas Deja, but the animation he shows us is from Frank Thomas (I think it's from the dvd Frank and Ollie)

There is an other vid with Glen Keane talking about Ollie Johnston, you'll find it on vimeo:


pbcbstudios said...

Those are Glen's story boards for Tarzan up top. Really great - you can already see the animation coming alive in the boards.

I love how passionate these guys talk not only about their own animation but the mentors and friends animation they've learned from as well.

Théo Boubounelle said...

Gracias por tu enlace hacia mi pagina Raul!

No sé si podras integrarlo en tu blog, pero he encontrado un quicktime con G.K. explicando su punto de vista sobre historias en animacion.

Esta visible sobre www.acmeanimation.org, mas precisamente aqui: http://www.acmeanimation.org/Content

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