Here is a pic of glen keane speaking about jungle book, but, have a look at the pictures behind him.
Its rapunzel, and maybe the prince!!!!!


David Gilson said...

Thank you so much for posting this!!!
I really-really-really can't wait for Rapunzel because i'm a huge Disney's Heroines fan, even more if she's a Glen Keane's one with beautiful hair!!
It seems that the colored character is a kind of young man (nearly looks like Aladdin and Jim Hawkins in the face design) and perhaps the Rapunzel's prince who looks like a gipsy...
Argh!!! can't wait to learn and see more about this upcoming Disney movie!

Audrey said...
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Unknown said...

Say that boy looks like that kid from Treasure Planet, what's his name.. Jim!

karim Qabrawi said...

thank you. Please keep it up

boy said...

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