another pic of the bear from the collection of D.Nethery

by the way, there are more drawings, sorry for the cuality

by the way

I must say...thanks a lot to every single person who has helped me to do this blog,

thanks a lot for the links, and pictures you guys have sent me !!!

damm!!! it´s very difficult to post drawings of glen keane, because i don´t know him, I AM NOT HIM, I don´t have any contact with disney or any artist of there and I am just a simple fan of the little spain!!!

I should chose dalí, or someone with a lot of drawings in internet about him for do a blog!!!!!




Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Mark said...

You're doing a real service here and I thank you. Please keep it up.

Unknown said...

Hi!! I agree with the above comments. You CAN contact artists from the studio because plenty of them operate their own blogs and websites with a contact email. Many of them have probably also worked with Glen!
Here are some sites if you're interested:


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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