thanks to Amir Al-Zubi !!


Hrishikesh Bharali said...

sir,, m a big fan of yours,,.. n always follow your drawings,, m tryin to be a pre-production artist/2d animator(just started my career)!!! i always try to copy your drawings,,. tarzan is my favourite,. and i like alll ur animations,.
this is my blog sir,,.. if ur free sometimes from your busy scedule,, have a look,,..its full wit all ur drawings,. :D THNKS for ur time.

Hugo said...

Nice work!!!

Santiago Lozano said...

I've just finished looking at Rapunzel...
I hated the trailer, i hated the pics...i was dissapointed...
but I LOVED the movie!
it feels like a Disney classic!
Thanks Glen! you did it again...
the characters are solid...
the mytic structure...
i would have loved more if it were a 2d film... but 3d looks good also...
Best of lucks with the next movie!

Jon Lankry said...

Thx for the video !
Very useful !

B.e. Kerian said...

A lot of great attention to detail and attentive drawing from a masterful animator.

Jonas Santos said...

fANTASTIC gLEN, here in Brazil we see many things fo ur art, a hug from São paulo!!!

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

always sparks the need to draw and animate- thanks Glen

lyle said...

I strive to draw with such fluidity and beauty!

biboun said...

superbe cette video
toujours aussi inspirant de vous voir dessiner !!!

Dave Peterson said...

Hi Glen! This week at Sunday school, one of my 4-year-old students brought Adam Raccoon and the Race to Victory Mountain. That is one great book. He and 3 other kids had me re-read it 4 times. We especially liked King Aren saving Adam and running the rest of the way with him. If you're interested in reissuing it as an ebook for iPad, I'm willing to write the app pro bono. dave@fishdog.net

Amir Al-Zubi said...


Hi Raul,

Part of Glen Keane's Masterclass Video:

v360 said...

Hello great job. How to contact you ?

v360 said...

Hello nice job woooo how to contact you ,?

Rusty said...

Hello Mr Keane - I am working on a new comic book, and I would love to ask you a question... thanks a lot - Rusty !

nestor said...

Hi Raul,

Could you, as you know a good English.. Please, put subtitules to this videos;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHbA6lG79Eo and part 2 and 3

It´s because my English level is "medium"..
It´s only curiosly.. and could be interesting. You could upload to your blog maybe..

Reguards from Uruguay.. :D

(I´m not request a trasladate, only the English characters are necesary..)..

Desde ya, muchas gracias.. :D

Michael Damboldt said...

Wonderful work sir. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Suraj Sudhakar Dighe said...

thank you Sir, for sharing your wonderful experience!

GIADA said...

*_* Fan mode on....I adore your drawings and i love this video, really capture this essence of this character!Love how you descrive her!
( Your daughter is very lucky!)

Joe Giampapa said...

I've had the experience of Classically animating your Characters when there was a Disney Toronto Studio. I've flipped tons of animation drawing of yours to learn.
Watching you draw over your shoulder makes me wish I could have learned on your crew.
You have inspired so many artists Thanks you.

Unknown said...

I hate you...because you're just that amazingly awesome! I've loved your work since my early teens. So I hate you in a good way, and it inspires me to never stop drawing.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is a great post. I love Disney art! I am so glad that you have a blog where I can check all of your fine art.

Unknown said...

Wow Awesome Work Mr.Klen Keane

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Unknown said...

You shore are a artist I wish I can draw like that God gave you a good talent God bless you n your family n creation to do more movies loved the movie repunzel from the beginning to the end you shore have a good minde n creation !

ابو خوخه said...

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