ariel animation


you can see a PDF. with a rought animation of Ariel
thanks to On animation and ChongToons for the link


Aaron Ludwig said...

Gorgeous. Fun format too!

Eva Huertas said...

It's like magic!!! O_O incredible!!!

Fédora Steigerwald said...

raduction (français > anglais)
Hello Mr. Glen Keane, Pernet I write to you because I am a passionate about your work and also a crazy design!
I create characters and my ultimate goal will become character designer or animator in the Disney studio.
I devellopée a passion for drawing more particullière animal and cartoon ...
That comes from The Rescuers the land of the kangaroo ...
Once again it's your job!

Maleureusement I do training in a private school of applied art expensive, which I do Raport nothing and I end up with a way to work at pluto the position where I would be over and I can not have my renbourser student credit.
N 'with the means to pay me another formation or the age required to enter another school, I never gave up in time.

In short I want to know if it will be possible to have a little help from you? And I confess that I will give everything to be your apprentice or small beetle if you take Intern, which will be wonderful!

I have examined the propostion the Disney studio for young talent but one country to another I do it if it's possible and the more I am no longer a student and you've also probably realized I not speak English fluently.
Still I am not sure I need her to understand ..

Hoping for a reply, cordially your biggest fan


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful drawings! I'm inspired not only by your art but also by some comments on your blog.

Anonymous said...

And did you know that we are doing a MOVIE about PEDOPHILE- ARYAN HOLLYWOOD?
OH YES WE CANNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Simply fantastic. The emotions are so clear on her face, Glen is an absolute genius!

Anonymous said...

You better clean up your blogs, " asshole"..SWAT coming down on those that don't make deals quickly, with the Queen and against her.

Amir Al-Zubi said...

Hi Raul,
This one is new for me:

Anonymous said...

Aryans in KANSAS? So " hick"..and then,we hear it's Ken Strawbridge and Karl Rove and it all has to " do " with NEVADA.
And explosives...for HOUSECO.
" Assholes".

Amblagar Studio said...

Hola Raul,
Te dejo un link del libro de rapunzel en amazon, hay unos pics muy buenos de glen:

Unknown said...


zoograyson said...

Here is a link to a post I recently wrote on Glen Keane.http://50mostinfluentialdisneyanimators.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/6-glen-keane/

Unknown said...

Living Lines Library has dropped a whole bunch of drawings by Glen Keane for Tangled! Awesome stuff there as well! If you are Glen Keane, I thank you for your humble artwork which inspires all. If you are Raul an inspiring animator, thank you for sharing your passion of the great Glen Keane as well.

Amir Al-Zubi said...

GLEN KEANE involve in creating toddlers dolls:

Amir Al-Zubi said...


Fatdragon100 said...

Thanks for the Glen Keane Blog. Please keep it up. I love Glens work so much and it's great to see it here :D

Dessin said...

Niiice. That's gorgeous work.

apprendre a dessiner

Unknown said...


Fatdragon100 said...

Nooooo0!!!! :((

Manoj Singh said...

congratulations!! The animation looks wonderful.

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